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Has Covid-19 had a negative impact on your used vehicle acquisition operation?  Stratiga Group has over 10 years of experience sourcing inventory digitally.

Big data and artificial intelligence con


Unlock the power of your pre-owned sales data with our customized Inventory Performance Dashboard.  Identify areas of opportunity with a few clicks.



We use a five-phase method to identify and improve existing process problems with unknown causes.  To make your used vehicle department more efficient and profitable.

Big car carrier truck of new luxury spor


We have more than 7 years managing logistics on a nationwide level.  We work with some of the industries top logistics companies, and brokers.  Let us show you the difference in customer service.


Our proven method for increasing SRP & VDP conversions.  It's actually very simple.  But no-one has time to do it.  Until a vehicle is 45 days old, and you've lost a few customers.

Professional Camera Equipment


Do you want to stand out from the crowd?  Attention to detail is key.  But you only get one virtual test drive.

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