A strategy defines goals and how they are achieved within the limits of one’s resources.

About Us

The COVID-19 pandemic created a vacuum that depleted domestic PPE inventories, resulting in the disruption of the global supply chain. 


With the US being considered world’s largest importer of PPE we are more vulnerable to disruptions in the export of medical supplies.  At Stratiga Medical, we understand that one mistake can disrupt the flow of products and result in significant financial losses, and increased risk of our healthcare workers contracting COVID-19. 


Our mission is to build long lasting relationships with manufactures and our clients, to increase Supply Chain Performance.

Stratiga was derived from the word “stratiyeia,” comprising of two Greek words: “stratos” meaning army, and “ago” which in ancient Greek denotes guiding, moving, and leading, armies that is. The very stratagem the ancient generals used to deploy their forces and defeat the enemy, is “strategy.” A strategy defines goals and how they are achieved within the limits of one’s resources.


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Want to bring your product to market.  Stratiga Medical has extensive knowledge in the Manufacture Representative arena.  We would love to hear more about your products.

Big data and artificial intelligence con


Bring your data to life, and optimize the performance of your supply chain.  Our unique inventory performance platform will help you identify areas of opportunity with just a few clicks.



Are you tired of waisting weeks sourcing the products you need to run your business.  Let Stratiga Medical help you get back to doing what you do best.  We offer a full service sourcing & procurement program.